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Some of our best businesses have come through introductions from our network. Everyone knows a great business owner, and one day that owner may want to sell their business.

join & earn

We looked far and wide at different company referral programs and found most of them insufficient. We wanted to create a lot of value for our community, so we came up with the following structure if we close a deal that you bring us:


Get Paid

Upfront Invested Capital
You Get a Check For
$0-5 Million
$5-10 Million
$10 Million +


We will fly you out to have lunch with either Sieva or Xavier, and learn about how we think about investing and growing great companies. Plus, you will have free access to all of our events for a lifetime.


Take a break

Thought we were done? You’ll also receive an all-expenses paid vacation for up to $15,000.

How to participate

Apply to become a Scout via the form below, then refer a deal to the Enduring team. If we close the proprietary deal, you get the thank you gifts above.

A growing network

As a scout in the Enduring Ventures network, we want you to learn and grow. Today we have a network of over 500 scouts who are founders, investors, lawyers, advisors and more. As part of the scout network you will also benefit from the following:

  • Free content and courses on investing and building wealth, including events, dinners and more
  • Scout coaching programs
  • Cool stuff – we’ll keep this vague for now, but promise it will be cool

Invite a friend

If you like the way this sounds, we’re sure your friends will too. Invite them to be a scout! We appreciate you getting the word out.

Refer a deal

Once you’re enrolled in our Scout Network, click the button below and complete the referral form to submit a deal. We will review the deal and be back in touch with any other questions.

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